About Us

Welcome to Singapore Jaspore Marine Pte Ltd

Singapore Jaspore Marine Pte Ltd, located in the scenic island country of Singapore, as the first overseas branch of Everhonest Ship Engineering Co., Ltd., established in May 2017. We have a ship repair team specializing in marine automation/electrical and Nav/communications services and outfitting business! Since the establishment of the company, with the support from customers, we had increased to a higher level, At the same time, we were certified by WSH a BizSAFE Level 4 certificate, certified with high voltage (6600V) operation and management. Also have been trained for OMD service/calibration. Qualification training and learning and ABB professional training. The integration of theory and practice can better serve clients! As of now we obtained all ports in Singapore and Southeast Asia, shipyards to carry out ship repair business qualifications!

Jaspore Marine Pte Ltd has also used its regional advantages to set up specialized spare parts warehouses and spare parts distribution teams in Singapore and Malaysia. It can provide one-stop service for spare parts storage, shipment and customs clearance for shipowners, and a better service in Malaysia ports such as TPP, Malacca, and Kuala Lumpur, and we actually already start serving our customers like Maersk, UASC, BW, TEEKAY, and so on.

Jaspore Marine Pte Ltd currently has eight engineers in Singapore and another eight engineers at Malaysia office. And now our services can cover not only South east Asia, as well as Middle East, and we not only able to serve client on Voyage repair but also Docking repair, inheriting and extending the business scope of Everhonest. Jaspore Marine Pte Ltd now have Operations Department, the Engineering Department, the Logistics Department and the Technology R&D Team. It has a group of professional engineers with years of experience in ship repair in Singapore and Malaysia. Over 1,000 square meters spare parts store, and we have a spare parts customs clearance/distribution team, especially after extensive cooperation with India/Bangladesh and Chinese ship recycling plants, a large amount of used spare parts can be stored each year, some of the obsolete parts not possible to get from market even Maker, we may have in hand!

“We were certified by WSH a BizSAFE Level 4 certificate, certified with high voltage (6600V) operation and management.”


Jaspore Marine Pte Ltd has also teamed up with Malaysia Marine Diesel Care Engineering Sdn Bhd, a Malaysian company with a team of engineers specializing in the main and auxiliary engines in Malaysia, to form a professional mechatronics team together with five branch offices of Everhonest in China, and Singapore office, we will be able to serve customer more better in future!